Shot of the Week!

Shot of the Week!
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Monday, 5 May 2014

Hello everyone,

It's quite a while ago now since there have been some changes in the clan. Monstha, Prime and Bosiel, our former clanleaders, have left the clan. Now we have three new clanleaders: Niiel-Moo, Deceased and Snellejasper.

We dont want to make too much changes in the clan. Mostly because it already feels like a great clan. But of course there has been a few changes.

In case someone missed it: we have a new server. Monstha decided to use the old RPG server for something else, so we didn't have a server anymore. Luckily we have deceased, who bought a new server.
If you have TMNF, you need to put the server in your favorites. Paste this link in Manialink and it should work: tmtp://#addfavourite=RedoneRPG

The site has been updated as well. Please tell us if you miss something or if something's wrong.
The shot of the week is finally updated as well. All information needed is at the shot itself.

And for the members who are currently not in the facebook group: please join us. Just ask us about it. It's easier communicating.

And that's all I have for now. I hope it's enough ;)


Saturday, 8 March 2014

Important for ReDone members!

Dear Friends, members, buddies, guys, tmmers.

After approximately 3 years of lots and lots of fun every single one of you. I have to make this sad announcement. But first of all I want to thank each and everyone within this clan for all his/her efforts and great motiviation within the ReDone Organization.
The message I want to deliver today is that on short notice. ReDone will not be anymore as what it was. But, what is going to change then.

First of all. that asshole (Monstha) is going to leave RD.(do not hit like yet) Nothing special, he will come back anyway will be the first thoughts of Jon and Enriks. but wait, there is more.
This time there is happening more, Primal & Bosiel are leaving together with Monstha. starting to get a bigger deal. two good and fun players gone, and no more clanleaders. so we need to find new clanleaders. (still possible). Last thing that is going to happen. After a conversation with the server host. we (monstha & host) have decided, to take the server down as we know it. and maybe, maybe it will be rebuild to a different server. not anymore belonging to ReDone.

What will happen with the holiday in July? That will still be there. but instead of a clan meeting, it will now become a clan reunion.

Again I really want to thank everyone for his time with ReDone RPG and wish everyone all the best in finding new clans, servers and inner peace.

Any questions or concerns can be showed to me, as PM's or just as a reply on this post.

With kind regards,
Jurgen/Monstha — met Patrick Bos en Jochem van der Velden

Friday, 17 January 2014

Welcome Tiffany

Tiffany welcome to the team!

I hope u will enjoy the team and make a lot of fun!

Finally another girl in the team :)

Welcome Underlingx

Underlingx welcome to the team!

I hope u will enjoy the team and make a lot of fun!

Already needs to make a car skin and picture on his first day, i hope u dont get too busy :P

Welcome Deceased

Deceased welcome to the team!

I hope u will enjoy the team and make a lot of fun!

Just :D

Welcome Niiel-Moo

Niiel welcome to the team!

I hope u will enjoy the team and make a lot of fun!

Moo moo :)

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The 'about Redone' page is ready!

Finally the 'about Redone' page is finishd!
Take a look :D